sábado, 22 de abril de 2017


Eastern tailed blue landings 

on campfires

Campfire is my dad roasting fish he just caught, 
telling jokes, 
drinking beer, loving life.

Campfire is high mountain territory in Uganda, 
and a fire to keep the lions away.

Campfire is Woodstock I never knew 
but remember well.
Campfire is Eastern Shore, 
where the blues land.

Borboletas efemeras e azuis
nas fogueiras de acampamento.

sexta-feira, 14 de abril de 2017

Tiny blues

Eastern tailed blue on golden ragwort, Oxford, MD,  4/14/17

Tiny blues entered my fields of vision, oh, about three years ago.  Since then, I discovered some of their favorite grasses, some of their flowers, and to my joy, one of their secret sleeping places - always sleeping upside down.

Cupido comyntas, Eastern Shore, Maryland 4/14/17

Handed down, generation to generation, and built into their tiny spherical dna's, they come back to roost in the same exact coordinates of a blade of grass. 

Not a particular native host plant roosting spot - it is just a patch of overgrown and not mowed grasses, with some perennial flowering weeds,in between. 

A matter of memory direction to sunlight, a built-in compass,a friendly place, I guess.

Eastern tailed blue on Blue ajuga

Ephemeral and tiny, they live for hours, for a day, or for weeks… They seek tiny flowers, like the early blooming golden ragwort, now renamed packera aurea.

Easten tailed blue on golden ragwort

Like the birds, they cast shadows on me now.  Not from above, but from the tiny below.

A tiny blue on tiny yellow

The planes of visions.